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Fight These Bastards
Sample Poems

Sample #1

-Unlocked, Untouched-
by: Fred Voss

Mauricio’s toolbox
sits on a cart against a tin wall in the back corner of the shop
gathering dust
the last time we saw Mauricio he was staggering
on his bum leg down the steel grid stairs
above our cement shop floor with his eyes full of booze and pills
grinning down at us like he was too good to work
his toolbox waits
a thousand dollars worth of micrometers and indicators and calipers lying
in its felt-lined drawers
we wait
we hear Mauricio has entered an Alcoholic Anonymous 12-step program
6 months
the company will hold his job for him
and not one screw or wrench or piece of shim stock
on that cart
or around that toolbox has been touched
not one thing
as we all step around it and preserve it
and keep it ready for him
no one would dare
disturb it
defile it
an old dented scraped-up 1-foot- x 3-foot metal box
like an altar to the one god we really need:
a second chance. 

Sample #2

-At Majdanek-
by: Lyn Lifshin

there was a van full
of priests and one
blond young woman
taken to the gas
chamber. When the
young woman
refused to undress,
an SS man begins
to tear at her
clothes. She claws
his face with her
fingernails. They
tie her up and put
her directly into the
crematorium. I
saw it one man
insists. After that,
what are you
supposed to do.
You know what I’m
saying. You’re not
supposed to hear
this. This doesn’t
go with life

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