Check out the Evil Genius Chapbook Series – #3 in the series by Michael WKriesel, SOUL NOIR, winner of the 2007 Evil Genius Series chap contest.
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The final Fight These Bastards is coming out around May 2009. The issue will be editing by Steve Henn and Oren Wagner, as Don Winter has left poetry.

The issue is now closed to general submissions.

By Fight These Bastards we mean fight against the mind-numbing poetry of such magazines as Poetry Chicago and Paris Review, with its foreign phrases, myriad of obscure allusions and cross-references. We are looking for poetry of revolt, against the Academy, against the poetic mainstream. We are looking for poetry accessible beyond the ivory towers of academia and outside the bounds of religious or politically correct restrictions. We enjoy poetry that celebrates honesty and humor. We enjoy poetry with some bite to it. We enjoy poetry that claims to represent the interests, views, or tastes of the common person, particularly as distinct from those of the rich and powerful. Please, no cute bunny poems, no overtly political poems, no knee-jerk, poorly-executed anti-(fill in the blank) poems.  Honesty and thought required.

– Painfully Platonic Series –

Angelflies in my idiotsoup
by Christopher Robin
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The Last Redcoat / The seedy underbelly of the highfalutin' Oversoul
by Oren Wagner / Steve Henn
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– Evil Genius Chapbook Series –


Allen Ginsberg Comes to Pittsburgh
by Dave Newman,
winner of the 2008
Evil Genius Series chap contest
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Suffering Bastards
by Alan Catlin,
winner of the 2008
Evil Genius Series chap contest
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Soul Noir
in the series by
Michael Kriesel,
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One of Us One Night
in the series by
Mark Wisniewski,
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She was found treading water
deep out in the ocean
in the series by
Lyn Lifshin,
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