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– Painfully Platonic Series –

Angelflies in my idiotsoup
by Christopher Robin

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The Last Redcoat / The seedy underbelly of the highfalutin' Oversoul
by Oren Wagner / Steve Henn

First run:
Hand bound with cinnamon dental floss, woodcut-print cover.
Supplies Extremely Limited.
Get 'em while they're still stitched with cinnamon dental floss.
Price negotiable...contact via email to negotiate.

Second run:
Saddle-stapled with cover art by Lydia Henn
available for $4 ppd

payments made through

Send cash or check payable to Platonic 3Way Press.
postage paid

Mail to:
Platonic 3way Press
P.O. Box 844
Warsaw, IN 46581

Hand-bound with cinnamon dental floss, this chap (or, really, pair of chaps)
impresses and charms, proving an exception to The Serious Reader’s Unspoken Rule:
avoid exposure to anything self-published.  Steve Henn and Oren Wagner have earned
attention because they know bullshit when they see it; the right number of these poems,
in fact, call out bullshit, and now and then you’ll laugh out loud – even if reading by
flashlight while cold and starved because the power’s been out all day.  This chap
was dinner.  There was no need for dessert.  These guys could be the hippest souls
in Indiana, and their homespun wisdom might just make Indiana hip.  By far worth
going without a few of this week’s groceries, this one’s also worth keeping
– and not just for the floss.

--Mark Wisniewski

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