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Preorder our last Issue #8
Spring 2009 - $4 per copy.

ORDER Issue #7
the Gerald Locklin issue, out now! -
$4 per copy.

Issue #6
$4 per copy.

~SOLD OUT~ Issue #5 - the A.D.Winans issue
$4 per copy.

Issue #4
$4 per copy.

Includes a cover photo of Oren's grandparents with a guy who looks suspiciously like the Colonel, and a bucket of KFC! Not to mention some damn fine poetry!

~SOLD OUT~ Issue #3

Our best effort yet!
Includes a picture of Johnny Cash with Steve's grandpa on the cover.

Issue #2
$4 per copy.

~SOLD OUT~ Issue #1
$4 per copy.

Published in the fall and spring

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